Queensryche – Empire mp3

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Artist: Queensryche
Title: Empire
ReleaseDate: 2003-06-10
Label: Capitol
Manufacturer: Capitol
Publisher: Capitol
Studio: Capitol

EditorialReview: Exploring the uncharted territory between heavy metal and progressive rock, Queensryche has always been difficult to categorize. While Operation: Mindcrime is their most highly-praised album, Empire remains their most accessible, with a somewhat more commercial approach that has no negative impact on the quality of the material. Empire produced a string of hit singles, including “Best I Can,” the title track, “Jet City Woman,” and “Silent Lucidity” (probably their best-known song, and ironically unlike most of their other work). At times sounding a great deal like Pink Floyd, Empire is an impressive collection that is all substance, no filler. “Anybody Listening?”, which closes the album, is probably the best perspective on a life lived on stage since Rush’s “Limelight”. Highly recommended. –Genevieve Williams

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